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6mm Silver enamel stud earrings

  • Dainty sterling silver circular stud earrings. With an layered up inlay of vitreous enamel. 9.5mm pegs and good size butterfly backs. 6mm diameter, 3mm depth. Many colours available in both transparent and opaque enamel.


    White, Sunflower yellow, Marigold yellow, Apricot, Nectarine orange, Burnt orange, Terracotta, Bright red, Scarlet, Rose pink, Flesh pink, Bright Pink, Mauve pink, Violet, Lupin (light) blue, Lavender Blue, Windsor blue, Aqua blue, Duck egg blue, Peppermint, Lime green, Mid-green, Longeat Green, Fur Green & Dark Green.


    Dark purple, Sapphire blue, Dark turquoise, Light turquoise & Reptile green.

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